Net Neutrality

Today is the day that numerous websites across the internet are taking a stand against the proposal that the internet should be regulated.

How would you feel if you decided to go to Facebook and suddenly a full page notice popped up that read “BLOCKED: To have access to Facebook please call ISP or go to and purchase access to all social media websites for an additional $100 a month?” Let’s say that you do decide to pay an extra $100 a month, you get on Facebook, and suddenly you see that there are still ads, still fake news posts, and still the same old thing. What did you really just pay extra for? Access.

Here’s some resources so you can help out if you believe that what I just described is a bad thing.

This costs absolutely no money. They just want to know what you think about this and why it shouldn’t be a thing. If you want to go right to the source to file your comment please go this page and click “express” on the left sidebar. I submitted my comments. Will you?

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