Photoshop Resources

One of Adobe’s most popular products and one of the best products out there for image editing, Photoshop can be tricky to learn and very rewarding when you do. It feels like a lot of people pirate the software and I strongly advise against that. Instead of paying hundreds for it, you could easily subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service. Adobe Creative Cloud plans start at $9.99 a month for Lightroom and Photoshop. Students and teachers can get a very sweet discount. All of the apps adobe has to offer (All apps + Adobe Stock) typically go for $79.98 a month but if you’re a student or a teacher you can get all the apps and adobe stock for $19.99 a month. Here’s a few resources to help you learn the ropes a little, click on an image to learn more:

Even more Photoshop tutorials:

  • PSD Stack has over 100 tutorials for you to choose from. They have tutorials ranging from basic things like learning tools, all the way to web and graphic design, and photomanipulation.
  • PhotoShop Lab

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