Learn to Code

Coding or programming rather, is an important skill to learn. According to Steve Jobs, it teaches you how to think. It’s a skill that can be learned and even the very basics can be learned easily. There’s a few places around the internet where you can learn for free and at your own pace.

Code Academy is probably one of the most popular. Signing up is really quick and easy. You can choose your own pace and there are even forums for help if you get stuck. It’s completely free to join and use and as far as I know there is no “premium” or paid plan so you never have to worry about money.

W3Schools – They are not affiliated with W3C but they have tutorials for nearly everything. From basic HTML to CSS, MySQL, JQuery, bootstrap and more! You can learn it all for free.

Code.org is another one that is completely free and aims to educate as many people as it can. Although you can go at your own pace and time, it’s strongly recommended you try coding for an hour straight to see how you’ve progressed. It’s worth trying out.

Learn Java from edX – This course is free, and brought to you by University of Carlos III of Madrid and is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It is recommended that you do this 5-7 hours a week for about 9 weeks to get the full experience.

Programming for Everybody (Michigan) –  This program will introduce you to Python over a 10 week course.

Computer Science

If you want to delve into computer science then you can try these courses, also for free.

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