When you want to start a website you usually think of buying a domain name. You can get a for free, but it’s not that good and looks a bit sketchy. I’ve used a few domain registrars over the past few years and I can tell you which ones worked best for me.

NameCheap – Their customer service is excellent. Their site is easy to navigate and easy to look at. Currently if you’re a student with a student email address you can get a free domain name, free premium plan or GitHub pages. It’s part of NameCheap’s education initiative. You can read more about it here.


1&1 – I would avoid this place. I bought this domain for $1 from there and that was the only good thing I have to say about it. You can get a .com and/or .net from $0.99 for the first year and I think it’s only for first time customers. Their user interface is really annoying and difficult to navigate. They will call you and try to sell you on their 1&1 Website Builder that is basically what wix,, and weebly offer only more complicated and irritating. If you can figure it out without ripping your hair out, good luck. I think it’s funny how I told them that I was a web developer (at the time) and they still said that this would be easier. Don’t kill the web developer!

GoDaddy – Well if you want you can use this. I haven’t used GoDaddy since 2012 and they’ve changed the site’s design since then so I can’t comment on how the dashboard to manage your domains is, but at the time when I used it, I didn’t like it. I remember their support wasn’t great, it was like pulling teeth and nails trying to get a decent response that made sense in a timely manner. If you really want a detailed list of reasons to avoid this one, check out this post by Author Media.

Google – Google recently joined the game, and I’ve heard some pretty good things about them so far. They’re prices start at $12 for the first year. It could be useful if you plan on using Google’s Webmaster tools, analytics, fonts, and adsense.

Do you have any registrars that you’ve worked with that you loved or hated?

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